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Broken Pieces #1 Cover B Kubert
Broken Pieces #1 Cover B Kubert
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Broken Pieces #1 Cover B Kubert

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Aspen Comic - Broken Pieces #1 Cover B Kubert

What is lost in life is found in...death!Aspen Comics is proud to offer you its newest original series, BROKEN PIECES!

In a future torn apart by the deadly catastrophe of biological contamination, pollution and corporate greed, one man will discover an even more tragic fate. Dr. Richard Adams, along with his loving wife, Dr. Gabriella Adams, stood at the forefront of research in advanced medicine and bio-rejuvenation. However, one fateful-and fatal-- moment will change everything about their purpose, their relationship, and each other. When the tragedy of events literally tears apart everything about his being, Richard is left with no choice but to pick up the fragmented pieces of his reality in order to save his wife-as well as potentially the fate of mankind.

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