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Soulfire The Core # 1 Cover B
Soulfire The Core # 1 Cover B
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Soulfire The Core # 1 Cover B

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(W) J.T. Krul (A) Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, Peter Steigerwald (CA) Jordan Gunderson

The hidden world of magic has made its presence known in the conflict above the surface between The Blue, The Humans, and the previously concealed race of The Core. One of the greatest decisions of their kingdom stands before them, and the mysterious--and deadly-- beings from The Core have been brought to their realm, under the watchful eye of Grace...
Now the magical denizen of The Everlands must decide how to harbor its most deadly and powerful inhabitant... a decision that will send shockwaves across the entire Aspen Universe. 

  • featuring the first part of Soulfire The Core
  • Cover by Jordan Gunderson

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